• Flanges are commonly used to support the distribution channel. There are a lot of people who have an interest in the piping system. If you are one of them then you might have heard about flanges. Flanges help to support the pipe in case of a high temperature or high-pressure flow. Even with slip on the flange which tends to be one of the less pressure handling flange types, a pipe can withstand more pressure compared to the pressure it can take alone. For households toilet flange is the most common to people. And most people will not have the ideas of the flanges used in the industry.

    Toilet flanges are commonly used in the toilet that makes a connection with the toilet pan and the attached sewer pipe. It is placed on the floor so that it can make a steady connection between the toilet and the sewer pipe. Usually, bolts are used to make the connection between the two parts of the pipe. But slip on flanges are also commonly used in these days. Slip on flanges do not require to have bolts. There are varieties for these kinds of flanges.

    In real life example, a flange needs to be placed in a steady and sturdy place. Otherwise, it will not provide the durability you need it to have. So it is better to position the flange on the subfloor so that it can outlast your desired working years. You cannot choose butt weld or socket weld for household purposes. You need to choose from slip-on flanges and threaded type flanges. Also, you can repair these types of flanges on your own. But welded flanges requires professional tools and welding machines. Though welded fittings last for longer periods of time but need maintenance with a professional. Some common types of flanges are described below in terms of materials:

    Cast Iron Flange: Cast iron flanges has been around for a long time. You can choose from a wide variety of cast iron flanges. Cast iron costs a good amount of money but still, people choose cast iron because of the durability it has to offer to the people.

    Brass Flange: Brass flanges are made with brass and the main benefit of brass is that it does not catch rust. So it is one of the most durable materials you can use on the piping system. The only way a brass flange can fail is with the regular usage wear and tear. But as brass is a very hard material, a brass flange will last you for years and maybe decades.

    PVC Flanges: PVC flanges are becoming common recently. PVCs are not that good in terms of pressure and temperature. As flanges are for support of temperature and pressure, it is wise not to use PVC flanges on anywhere. You can use PVC pipes, but flanges are not suitable.

    These are some basic ideas about household flanges.


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  • We will introduce you how to make carbon steel flange, stainless steel flange in China. Check out this video for more details 


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